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Da Kickstarter a Milano | 2015

Ruthy Shafrir3Ruche shelving

Ruthy Shafrir | ISR 

Ruthy Shafrir is 29 years old industrial designer based in Tel Aviv, Israel. “I have always been crazy about art, design, geometry and little animals” says Ruthy “and that’s where I find my inspiration”. Graduated from the Politecnico di Milano design school (2011), She has been working in the furniture design industry since then. The Ruche shelving is a system of shelves made from sheets of material cut to fit together forming a structure resistant and storage compartments. 3 sizes to fit many different types of objects and can be used After a successful kickstarter campaign, the product launchs for mass market in 2015 Milano design week.  Ruthy hopes she could get her shelving units to replace poor quality graceless furniture in homes worldwide and use design in order to make happier people.

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