Pierre-Emmanuel Vandeputte_picnicset4

Picnic a DOUTDESign | 2015

Pierre-Emmanuel Vandeputte_picnicset2Picnic Set

Pierre Emmanuel Vandeputte | BEL

Born in 1991, Pierre-Emmanuel Vandeputte graduated from La Cambre in 2014. His approach of creation is inspired by realism and whose meaning is immediately apparent. Interested in the capacity and behavior of materials, his designs express their intelligence. Creation of a picnic set. Transportable as a bundle, the picnic set is composed of a pile elements need for two persons.

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Zonasantambrogio e i suoi designers vi aspettano Fuorisalone 2015 da Martedì 14 Aprile a Domenica a 19 Aprile a DOUTDESign2015.