The Thai way of design | 2015

“Mezzi” Vases – “Quadro” Featured Hanging Rack –  “Quadrino” Mirror – “Altina” Manikin Rack

Pich tripasai | THAI

Pich Tripasai designs an exclusive furniture collection, “Living Boutique”, for a Thai furniture brand, “PICH TRIPASAI x DEESAWAT”.  It is a series of design objects that carry across an atmosphere of fashion retails into residential spaces, and vice versa

Tripasai_Flower_Vase“Mezzi” Vases

The cute hexagon vases made of ceramic and teak wood. With 3 different sizes, they can be composed together in many ways, just by mixing the sizes or rotating their sides.

Tripasai_Rack2“Quadro” Featured Hanging Rack

Don’t hide your beloved clothes in the wardrobe, just display them in your room!

Quadro is a hanging rack that is characterised by a teak wood structural frame. The frame helps highlight the cloths and hide the hanging parts, made of stainless steel tube, behind.

The rack is designed to be easy to assemble and dismantle, as flat pack furniture.

Tripasai_Living_Boutique2“Quadrino” Mirror

A stylish and eye-catching mirror made of teak wood support. It can be placed in the house as a decorative elements.

Tripasai_Front Look“Altina” Manikin Rack 

A hanging rack functions as a manikin, it can help you to prepare, mix and match cloths, shoes or accessories in advance.

Zonasantambrogio e i suoi designers vi aspettano Fuorisalone 2015 da Martedì 14 Aprile a Domenica a 19 Aprile a DOUTDESign2015.